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Printing Press

loan recovery agency

man power agency

service center

Printing press

Printing unit has been set up by Navtej Seva Souharda Cooperative.

On behalf of this printing unit, loan applications, GB books, calendars, registers, ID cards, visiting cards, all kinds of banners and all printing related to cooperatives will be printed at low rates for cooperatives.

loan recovery agency

Loan Recovery Center has been set up keeping in view the problem faced by friendly cooperatives and cooperative societies in the field of co-operatives in loan recovery.

For members who have uncollectible loans through this Loan Recovery Centre, recovery will be done through personal visit and telephone.

Apart from this, members will be assisted in filing ABN case and filing cheque bounce cases

Man power agency

This center has been started keeping in mind the shortage of experienced employees in the cooperatives and the shortage of staff that occurs from time to time.

A list of experienced and fresher candidates will be prepared and they will be sent to cooperatives where there is a shortage of staff and they will be given appropriate training in financial affairs and software related to the cooperative sector. Cooperatives can select staff through interview.

Service center

All types of online applications, all types of ticket bookings, new PAN card, PAN card amendment, Aadhaar card amendment, new passport, GST, income tax application and cooperatives bye-law amendment application and new cooperative registration application, applications for all departmental employees at this seva center. Managed by Service Center.

tours and travel agency

stationary stall

training cell

sales center

tours and travels agency

A tour plan will be prepared and sent for the tour from the tour and travel center to the country and abroad.

Apart from that, arrangements and complete information will be provided for the study tour of the co-operatives. A tour plan will also be provided.

stationary stall

Stationery Stall, this center will provide co-operatives with daily business needs, pad, calculator, pen, all types of printing paper, loan file, loan folder, FD, share receipt folder, register book, files and all other things needed by the co-operative.

training cell

trainings will be given to the co-operatives.

1.Training to Directors.

2.Training to staff.

3.Administrative training and business development training for new associates.

4.training for candidates interested in working in cooperative sector

All the training will be given in the respective cooperatives.

sales center

Act Book, By-law Book, Service Book and all books related to Co-operative sector will be sold from this center.

also this center sells cooperation shawls, cooperation flag, honor shawl, and all items related to cooperative.

information cell

website design

information cell

On behalf of the information center, infromation related to the Act, Rules, Bye-laws will be provided to the cooperatives, as well as accounting and book management and other information related to the cooperatives.

web design

A website will be prepared for the cooperatives and given at a low rate.